9 Best xDai NFT Marketplaces

Josh Miller
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Buying and selling NFTs is best done via an NFT marketplace. xDai has a few. In fact, they’ve quite a lot.

1. Cargo

Cargo is one of the most popular NFT marketplaces on xDai. You can both buy and sell, and create and share your NFTs here.

cargo xdai nft

2. Unique.one

Unique One is another NFT marketplace. Popular, and works with xDai. They also support other Ethereum chains. The front end is very artsy, I like it.

unique one xdai nft

3. Eporio

Eporio is an xDai native marketplace for digital art and video game assets. You can create NFTs on-site too.

eporio nft

4. Unifty

Unifty is a cross-chain NFT marketplace. They run on xDai. Their app launches Autumn 2021. (Soon by today’s date.)

unifty xdai nft

5. XLR8R

XLR8R runs on Matic, Ethereum, and xDai. They’re a large, popular marketplace, mostly focussed on art.

xlr8r xdai nft

6. NiftyZone

NiftyZone is an NFT marketplace for NFT art and collectors. They have a curated list of editor picks. You can mint NFTs on their site too.

niftyzone xdai nft

7. Snafu

snafu xdai nft

8. Fraction.art

fraction.art xdai nft

9. Foundation

foundation xdai nft
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