REEF Finance Review


After researching Polkadot and making some content about it, I was surprised at how undervalued it was.

But I was more surprised than I was completely unaware of the interstellar moon-potential of their projects. ChainLink being one of them, which is already mooning.

But, there was another project that caught my eye.

And that project was REEF.

At first, I’d missed it, and it was only by chance that I had chosen to stake a small amount of DOT in the Binance launch pool.

The Binance launch pool staking rewards for staking Polkadot were paid in REEF. I shrugged it off as another shitcoin, akin to some of the shitty BNB football-team altcoins rewards I’ve been receiving.

But I gave it a deeper look.

I am a curious soul after all. And lo and behold, I was surely rewarded with something really special.

And again, by chance, I stumbled across one of my first gem projects that I truly depict making 20x gains. And if you’re reading you may find this an extremely interesting prospect.

REEF can be traded on Binance, against USDT and BTC pairs at present. And yes, I believe the Polkadot staking opportunity is also still available. So if you’re a DOT holder, you can farm a little you’ve got some DOT sitting around.

The project, REEF, is promising a few interesting things:

  • A gateway into DeFi for a wider audience.
  • Liquidity and protocol aggregation: they give users access to the liquidity available on multiple exchanges; and interesting both centralised exchanges, i.e. Kraken, Binance; and decentralised exchanges, i.e. UniSwap, Kyber, AirSwap.
  • Proprietary analytics: they’re building an analytics engine that will provide suggestions on how users can better allocated their portfolios; so, for example, crypto investors can get suggestions on how to improve yield by (hypothetically) putting some capital into Compound.
  • Multi-chain accessibility: as REEF is was built on Polkadot to take advantage of their interoperability; meaning, you’ll they’ll enable access to multiple tokens/coins despite what blockchain they’re running on. And INCREDIBLY powerful prospect.
  • Addresses problems with many trading platforms: centralized platforms are prone to hacks, and decentralized platforms lack liquidity; REEF solves these two problems.
  • Solves Ethereum GAS fee problem: when using decentralized exchanges users are often battling Ethereum fees; REEF solves this with an incredibly smart approach, of which, this a massive draw to REEF.
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If that’s not enough, they’ll be announcing a Steam integration in Q4. Little gem for your noggin.

Enjoy the ride.

Until next time,


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