Projects by True Miller.

RPC Info makes it easy for people to find RPC information. RPCs are used to communicate with blockchains. They act as middleware between the web and the internet of blockchains., the easiest way to add Metamask Custom RPCs.
RPC info makes it easy for people to add custom Metamask RPCs for multiple blockchains. Currently, RPC Info supports Custom RPCs for Avalanche, Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, Fantom, Harmony, and Polygon Matic, with many more to be added.

The idea for RPC info came from an annoyance I often face. Namely, adding Custom RPCs to Metamask. To solve this problem, makes this process simple. Click on the "Add Custom RPC to Metamask" button, and skip all the copy-pasting.

Crypto Logos archives logos of crypto projects. From Blockchains to DEXs to CEXs. Logos galore.

CryptoLogos homepage. Search and find popular cryptocurrency logos.