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Josh Miller
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I am really excited about Polkadex, as you can probably tell from my recent Tweets.

If you’re already sold … Click to here to buy Polkadex from Kucoin right now, PDEX/USDT.

If you want to know more …

Then I want you to know that I’m 1059% bullish on Polkadex. And you should be too once you’ve consumed and shared this article.

There’s a huge list of benefits that will be realised by this project. I’ve picked out the ones that really appeal to me, but feel free to dig in further yourself on their site.

Polkadex is going to make life better for us traders. And if you’re in early, you’ll be feel really smug when it hits those 10 figure market caps. (I believe this is possible, and I’ll explain why later on in the article)

The UI is amazing, the tech is amazing (which we’ll get into shortly), and the price … good god. It is Ripe — for the picking at the moment.

But, lets get into the meatier stuff that you came for …

The reasons why you could see Polkadex go for macro-cosmic bullrun very soon.

Polkadex trading frontend trading interface

Polkadex "to the moooon"

No crypto ‘shill’ is complete without a lunar launch. Admit it. It’s true.

This is the breakdown of what Polkadex is and why I’m going balls to the walls with it.

First and foremost, it’s available NOW on Kucoin — Use the link below.

Do it now. Kucoin has more than just Polkadex awaiting you. It’s a great exchange all in all.

Once you’re signed-up, you can carry on reading.

It takes two-seconds to throw your email address in the registration box after you’ve clicked the link above. That’s all it takes.

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Once that’s done, and you’ve signed up, we can get into the features and benefits of Polkadex.

Fully decentralized exchange

You know my feelings about centralized projects … everyone should be paranoid about them.

Whereever power, money and control are centralized, it’s easy to take it away.

  • One hack and a centralized exchange is plundered.
  • One law change and a centralized exchange is no more.
  • One bad apple at the top and a whole bunch of crypto disappears.

Decentralised projects are the future; projects, made by the people, for the people.


I know, its a little cliche, but crypto should be decentralized. But not everyone is actually aware of this though.

I’m in love with the promise of Polkadex going fully decentralized. The fairer (decentralized) model is perfect for investors. Seasoned crypto traders stand well clear of any project that’s somewhat centralized if they’re late to the party. Unless of course its the main crypto exchange, or it’s extremely popular. (-cough- Binance -cough-)

Making ETH trading super cheap

I’m not sure what you should be most excited about here?

  1. The fact that ETH 2.0 is on the way
  2. Or that there’s going to be an actual Polkadot DEX.
    (Which, might I add, has the most beautiful UI I’ve seen in Defi so far.)

But more importantly …

Polkadex will bridge Ethereum assets on to Polakdot.

Polkadot is one of the big ‘cross-chain interoperability’ projects, and it’s got a lot going for it at the moment. But there is a slant on this that I’m more bullish about.

Picture this: Polkadex’s mainnet goes live earlier than ETH 2.0. Uniswap fees are still it will be a haven for trading ETH assets. All because of the bridge.

The bridge will allow traders to transfer ETH tokens to Polkadot. The fees on Polkadot are far lower than on Ethereum.

Sure, you might question whether it will compete with the likes of Binance chain. After all PancakeSwap is going crazy at the moment. But Polkadot still has that core decentralized nature that I keep ranting on about.

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To answer your question — Yes, Polkadex will have competition from the many other DEXs moving forward. There is no denying that. But …

You only need to look at the state of ETH Defi to hypothesize about the bullish pros of a Polkadot-based DEX that can bridge with Ethereum in the short-term.

Long-term, it’ll be things like the insane benefits of zero gas fees. Yeah. You heard it right.

Zero gas fees

Come on, this is a win right? No gas fees?

Put it this way: Uniswap (the biggest ETH DEX) charged some poor trader $9,500 in fees for a $120 transaction).

Without a doubt, there are multitudes of traders that have fallen victim to ETH DEX fees. If Polkadex were around, this guy would never have made the news, and he’d probably be a least $9,500 richer.

More importantly though, a gas-free DEX like Polkadex truly stands a chance at battling out the larger centralized DEXs.

Using the previous story as evidence, the reason why people avoid DEXs at the moment is because they cost so goddamn much to use. And any project, like Polkadex, thats making it accessible fee-wise is certain to realise insane benefits over the course of the coming few years.

But, there’s another reason you should take notice.

Combats restrictions

Decentralized exchanges will provide a medium for exchange to the main millions of Americans that, for example, can’t use Binance in their state.

It will also provide service for countries that have restricted the use of centralized exchanges, like Turkey just did, or like India attempted to do. Provided you’ve got a wallet, some crypto, and a dream, you can VPN your way into a decentralized exchange with ease.

Insanely high throughput

The Polkadex team are talking about scaling up to 500,000 transactions per second.

For comparison: Visa does 24,000 per second, which means Polkadex could operate up to 20 times faster that the most used transaction medium on the planet.

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Polkadex transactions per second comparison

Perfectly low market-cap

At the time of writing this sentence, Polkadex’s market cap is roughly $32 million. Just screenshotted it, so you can look back on this when you missed the boat.

Polkadex CoinMarketCap

Note to future me: Polkadex Market Cap is $31.9m, 23rd April 2021.

Let me explain why the current market cap is could be construed as one of the most bullish points for Polkadex.

Defi market-cap comparisons

So, we can see that the market is just under $32 million at the moment. Let’s take a look at some other notable decentralized exchanges for comparison.

The image is fairly long, but look at the Market Cap figures for the decentralised exchanges that are currently avaliable.

Decentralised Exchange Market Caps 23rd April 2021

These were figures taken from CoinmarketCap. If you aren’t aware of what or how market-cap works:

market cap = (how many coins there are) X (the coins price)

So, market cap is directly influenced by price. Higher price means higher market cap.

Let’s say Polkadex’s market cap goes to half of 1inch’s market cap — Yes, the one at the very bottom of the list. Which is currently at $647 million~. Polkadex’s price would 10x at current token circulation.

Lets say it competes with the likes of PancakeSwap — At current circulation, the price would more than 100x. Sure, PancakeSwap is a seriously popular project. But the idea you’re forming is what would happen to Polkadex’s price should its marketcap surpass it’s weaker, more expensive competitors.

Are you seeing what I’m talking about yet?

Do not pass up this opportunity.

Polkadex are launching mainnet very soon. You can get it on Kucoin. Click this link right now to join Kucoin, buy Polkadex.

The pair is PDEX/USDT. See you on the moon.

PS, a few more pros:

  • There will be NFTs.
  • There will be stablecoins.
  • There will be high-frequency trading bots.
  • There will be the ability to delegate your assets.
  • There will be multi-wallet connectivity.

Need I say more?

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