Metamask Custom RPCs

Metamask Custom RPC is the easiest way to add Metamask Custom RPCs. The site is simple to use. Find the network you want then click on Add Custom RPC to Metamask.

By adding a custom RPC, you can use Metamask on any network: Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche, Fantom, Matic, …

I made this site for the purpose of making it simple!

RPC info, the best site for Metamask Custom RPCs and Blockchain RPCs.
A screenshot of RPC info. The best place to find crypto RPCs and Metamask Custom RPCs.

What is RPC info?

RPC info lists public RPC endpoints. You can use these RPC endpoints as Metamask Custom RPCs. That way, you can use other blockchains.

Why do you need a custom RPC?

By default, Metamask uses Ethereum’s networks. But, by adding custom RPCs, you can use other blockchains. Avalanche, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, Fantom, and many more.

Metamask custom RPCs

Here are the custom RPcs you can add now. They’re all available on

Avalanche RPCs

Binance Smart Chain RPCs

Ethereum RPCs

The following networks are added to Metamask by default. You do not need to re-add them. Metamask will stop you from adding duplicate custom RPCs. Though, the details can be used with Web3 applications.

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Fantom RPCs


Harmony Mainnet.

Harmony Testnet.

Polygon Matic RPCs


Crypto RPCs are API endpoints that enable communication with a blockchain. Metamask supports Custom RPCs. Extensions to Metmask that let users transact on different networks. makes it easy to find blockchain RPCs and simple to add Metamask Custom RPCs.

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