How to Get Free Crypto from Coinbase

Josh Miller
Who wants some free Bitcoin? Well, you’re in the right place, this ‘Coinbase Free Crypto’ guide will get you what you came for.
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Who wants some free Bitcoin? Well, you’re in the right place, this ‘Coinbase Free Crypto’ guide will get you what you came for.

I was quick to jump at Coinbase’s free Bitcoin offers when I first joined. Who doesn’t like free stuff, especially when it’s an asset that’s skyrocketing in value.

Coinbase is one of the biggest–if not the biggest–cryptocurrency stores on the net. Growing out of Bitcoins popularity, then interleaving itself into other popular cryptocurrencies.

And, they give away loads of freebies attract further custom.

Start with the free Bitcoin signup bonus ($10)

Coinbase gives away freebies to new sign-ups that’re invited to join.

If you’re not a new joiner, skip ahead. There’s more in the next section.

If you don’t have a Coinbase account yet, then you’re about to get your hands on some free Bitcoin, courtesy of your new favourite Bitcoin store–Coinbase.

Thankfully, I can invite you as a referall. Which is great, because we both get a bonus. And yes, there is a minor catch, but, a fair one that everyone endures upon their joining.

You’ll be required to deposit $100, or a value similar to it, i.e. £76..

And, in return you’re gifted an immediate free bounty in Bitcoin, valued at $10. Just for signing up, you get an immediate 10% return on your investment.

Here’s how you get it

1. Goto my Coinbase invite link:- there’s hyperlinked Coinbase links all over this page, click one, then navigate to their site. Coinbase invite link.

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2. Sign-up & fill in your details:- buy some Bitcoin, and hey-presto the bonus is added on.

3. Sell the Bitcoin back to Coinbase:- Once you’ve purchased the Bitcoin, you can go ahead and sell it straight back to Coinbase.

Next, get your “learn and earn” bonus ($161)

Yes, they’re giving away over $160.

Just for learning about what it is they’re actually selling.

Honestly, you can’t really beat this. Where else on the internet can you get paid for learning about crypto and blockchain products?

coinbase paid to learn about crypto

It’s a win-win really, and genuinely, the learning curve isn’t that tough.

  • If you already know about Bitcoin you’ve at least got some interest
  • You get paid for delving further into your interests
  • It’s completely risk-free, digitally-verified, money

The courses are nicely laid out, with each one earning you more of each currency. See below.

coinbase free eos

The EOS course for example, pays $50.

It’s an interesting blockchain platform that will be birthing some decentralised applications in the future.

And, all you’ve got to do is take in some information. Then, you get paid.

coinbase free stellar lumens
Same goes for Stellar Lumens. Another $50. Don’t pass up this opportunity.You literally won’t find another opportunity to get some free cash like this.Lumens is an important payments processing platform that you’ll most definitely be hearing more about in the future.

The learn and earn courses are nicely laid out, so you don’t need to complete the whole thing to get your cash.

Instead, you get paid on each section.

Which, keeps you keen and frothing at the mouth for more of the free, meaty, money. Couldn’t be better.

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coinbase eos lessons

For the first 4 people into the lessons, you’ll get an extra bonus.

I’m not sure when people’ll start flocking to this stuff, but, I imagine the drive for free crypto is pretty high.

They’ll be adding more options get free cryptocurrencies from Coinbase in the future, so join up, and sink your teeth into this "low-hanging" fruit that’s ripe for the taking.

Coinbase learn and earn
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