11 Best Fantom Wallets

Josh Miller
best fantom wallets

Sending and receiving Fantom coins requires a wallet. Here are the best wallets for Fantom.

Fantom wallets

1. fWallet

fantom fwallet
fWallet’s homepage

Fantom’s official web wallet. Simple to use and access from your browser. Supports most popular OSs and platforms.

  • Official wallet
  • Browser-based
  • Only supports fantom
  • Multiple platforms

2. Metamask

metamask wallet
Metamask’s homepage

The world’s most popular cryptocurrency wallet. Works with Fantom provided you add the Fantom Opera RPC. Very simple to do via RPC Info.

  • Extremely popular
  • Works on multiple chains
  • Browser-based, or mobile
  • Requires some customization

3. Coinbase Wallet

coinbase wallet
Coinbase’s wallet; hero.

Coinbase’s official wallet. Supports mobiles; android and iOS. Also supports Google Chrome browsers, when using the browser extension.

  • Coinbase’s own wallet
  • Secure
  • Requires coinbase account
  • Supports Chrome, and mobile platforms

Other Fantom wallets

  • Trust Wallet. Multi-chain. Supports browsers and mobile.
  • Ledger. Hardware wallet. Cold storage.
  • MathWallet. Multi chain wallet. Avaliable on mobile, browser, and hardware.
  • Coin98 Wallet. Holistic DeFi platform. Web wallet. Offers multiple DeFi services.
  • Edge Wallet. Privacy focussed mobile wallet. Supports multiple assets.
  • Bitkeep. Mobile-wallet. Supports over 30 chains. 5000+ assets. In-app DEX.
  • OKEx Wallet. Non-custodial browser wallet. Also has mobile wallet. An exchange wallet.
  • D’Cent. Hardware wallet. Enhanced protections; biometrics, etc.
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