Best Sites to Buy Bitcoin from in 2021

Josh Miller
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Look no further, you have found the list of the best places to buy bitcoin.

I’ll cover popular sites, some lesser-known sites, and sites that are on the come up for various reasons. Whether you’re looking for great prices, security, anonymity, it’s all here.

CoinBase (best for credit/debit card)

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A screenshot of Coinbase’s homepage
  • Popular
  • User-friendly
  • Multiple cryptocurrencies

If you’re looking to buy bitcoins using your credit-card, debit-card or bank account, then CoinBase is the bitcoin exchange for you.

CoinBase is very user-friendly, great for first-time Bitcoin buyers. Additionally, they offer a cloud wallet and also the option to exchange (buy and sell) your bitcoins. However, I wouldn’t advise trading here if you’re looking to profit from price movements.

If anything, coinbase simply offers you a fast, fairly low-cost, and safe way to buy bitcoin.

LocalBitcoins (best P2P exchange)

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A screenshot of LocalBitcoins’ homepage
  • Person to person trading
  • Extremely cost-effective
  • Like eBay, for Bitcoin

They offer a trade mechanism that makes it safe to trade, and allows you to take advantage of the lower premiums offered by people instead of larger companies.

One of the largest reasons why I love LocalBitcoins is because they offer a cloud wallet. All of the Bitcoins that you buy are stored on-site and you have complete control over the movement of the coins.

LocalBitcoins lowers the risk of all trading massively. Mainly because they use an Escrow (middleman) system. You can read through their security guide when buying your bitcoin here.

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Kraken (best for bulk Bitcoin)

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A screenshot of Kraken’s homepage
  • Advanced trading features
  • Awesome graphing, leverage .etc
  • Perfect for traders, not hobbyists

You can load your account with most currencies (including Ethereum and LiteCoin), trade it into a different currency, and withdraw in whatever currency you please.

If you’re clever about it, you can buy BTC at rock-bottom prices in bulk and get the best deals here.

I wouldn’t suggest Kraken if you’re a beginner. Firstly, the verification process is pretty long. And secondly, the terminology used isn’t as easy as if you were to go with CoinBase or LocalBitcoins!

eToro (best site to invest in Bitcoin with PayPal)

eToro a super userfriendly trading platform. They have a range of investment products. But, most importantly, they allow you to invest in Bitcoin using PayPal.


You won’t be able to buy stuff, but you will be able to invest. So, you’ll still be able to make money from the price changes.

They offer leveraged Bitcoin trading. This lets you make money than if you were to buy Bitcoin outright.

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