4 Best Avalanche Lending Protocols

Josh Miller
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DeFi lending protocols offer numerous benefits. Allowing people to lever up their trades without KYC. Enabling lenders to earn on their holdings. Among many other opportunities.

Avalanche also has lending. Through some pretty large protocols and some smaller, lesser-known ones too.

1. BenQi

BenQi is Avalanche’s native lending protocol. They have huge TVL, and a lot of users. Benqi is forked from Compound.

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2. Aave

Aave is the largest lending protocol in crypto. And they recently moved to Avalanche. Offering their lending services; flash loans and more.

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3. Banker Joe

Trader Joe is Avalanche’s largest DEX. They also offer lending. In-app.

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4. Teddy Cash

Teddy Cash is a popular Avalanche-based Liquity fork. They offer interest-free loans. All loans are over-collateralised, 150%.

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