About Crypto Trading Ninja

Who is Josh

  1. A creative, multi-talented technology consultant.
  2. Self-taught investor, trader, marketer.
  3. Content creator, copywriter, educator.


  • Crypto; Web3, process automation, DeFI, arbitrage, trading/investing.
  • Web; design, development; C#, PHP, JS, NodeJS, React, NextJS, Python.
  • Marketing; content creation, copywriting, social media, search; inbound marketing.


Get involved with multiple projects, incubate ideas, give direction, and better the “crypto-verse” through the following means:

  • Support undervalued projects
  • Offer professional services
  • Give strategic advice to new projects
  • Business development
  • Raising the knowledge bar for new entrants
  • Increase exposure through marketing channels
  • Build useful applications